Writers Reach is dedicated to assisting individuals learn ways to put their stories to good use, turning action into words and words into action for a sustainable and creatively productive future. We believe that change comes about at the level of story. Stories can liberate us. Stories also provide an essential framework for creating meaning and direction in our lives and opportunities for reflection and growth. In our creative writing work with individuals and groups we focus on providing inspiration, support and the tools needed to explore, craft and revise essays or short stories for personal use, or to submit for publication. In addition, Writers Reach offers facilitated reading and discussion groups designed to deepen understanding of a subject, promote group cohesion, and develop narrative competence in our relationships with others. Discussion topics include - the literature of war; trauma narratives: using literature as a teaching tool in the study of trauma; exploring addiction through a literary lens; and It’s all Relative! – exploring the literature of family relationships. If there are other topics of interest please feel free to inquire. We are more than happy to create a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of your group. Custom courses can also be designed for continuing education credits for licensed social workers and some other mental health providers.